Call Me Switzerland

Live streaming through Skype: Project for the Swiss Cities Pavilion Basel Geneva Zurich, UPBA at the World EXPO 2010 Shanghai

The live streaming through Skype will bring social processes happening in lounges in Switzerland to the Swiss Cities Pavilion in Shanghai. The project «Call me Switzerland» addresses the question of how lounges come alive in a social context, bringing people together from different cultures.
A lounge is normally thought of as a room within living spaces or buildings were people can stay for a relatively long period; it is more than a space which is used only rarely or only for short periods of time. Lounges are considered to be border regions, where people with similar expectations come together. The Swiss Cities’ auditorium functions as a temporary lounge in the middle of an ambivalent environment and as such has the potential to be a visible and invisible cristallisation point for social processes.

The concept of the project is to create an exchange between two cultures, by transmitting profane daily routines from Switzerland and Shanghai to the «Swiss Cities Pavilion».
The goal is to create a melting pot of communication taking place in lounges, where the experiences will be regenerated by the fact that the participants are being watched.
Every 1 to 2 hours the video transmission through Skype will show various lounges in Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Shanghai, where the behaviour of the participants is similar to the one observed in the lounge of the Swiss Cities Pavilion.
Both parties (Swiss inhabitants / Shanghai inhabitants resp. Expo visitors) find themselves in a similar social context: The exhibition room becomes an observation platform.

Project by Angelo Romano
Cooperation with: Andrea Günter, Aurelia Adamo, Efa Mühlethaler, Tilla Künzli, Vlada Maria, Zhifeng XU