It's The Real Thing: The Real Party

DJ Abidjaninsky, SKelly und Gadoukou la Star (aus «Not Punk, Pololo»)

HipHop Strikes Back: Black Milk & The Nat Turner Live Band (US)

Warm Up & Afterparty: DJs Tray & Philister (BS)

Mind The Gap! Electric Wire Hustle Live (NZ), Catching Flies Live (UK), Audio Dope Live (BS)

DJs: Johny Holiday (BS) & Whookpack (BS)

Jazzfestival Basel: Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba (ML)

African Night / Before & After: Konzeptlos DJ Set

Jazzfestival Basel: Carmen Cortés / Gerardo Nunez 5tet, «Las Migas» String Quartet (E)

Noche Iberica y Flamenca

Mind The Gap! X Oro Negro

Mind The Gap: Kabuki Live (D), Johny Holiday (BS), Paul Neumann (SG) / Oro Negro: Funky Notes Live, Francois Boulanger, Herr Hummus, Die Gefährliche Aludose (BS)

Jazzfestival Basel: Taksim Trio (TUR)

East meets West I

Jazzfestival Basel: Rabih Abou-Khalil New Group (LIB/P)

East meets West II

Full Attention presents: 14th On Fire Sound Anniversary

Live: Ronny Trettmann (D) & Philipp Albrecht (CH) / Pre- & Aftershow: On Fire Sound (Doctor Drop, Phil Pepper & Lukie Wyniger / BS)

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