Mind The Gap! – Tokyo Edition: Samon Kawamura (Tokyo) & Betty Ford Boys (Berlin), Reezm (ZH), Johny Holiday (BS)

Culturescapes Tokio

HipHop Strikes Back: Talib Kweli Live (US)

Exklusive CH-Show! / Support: NIKO (IS) / DJs Tray & Philister (BS)

Sharon Van Etten (US)

Support: Marisa Anderson (US)

Mind The Gap! MNDSGN (US), Audio Dope (BS) Live, Johny Holiday (BS), Reezm (ZH)

Step It Up: Echolot Dub System (BS) & Justice Rivah Sound System (CH)

Xmas Heat

Bongo Kids (BS), DJ Johny Holiday (BS), The Muddy River Ya Yas (BS), Six Gun Bandits (BS)

Silvester Heat

DJ Stylewarz (D), The Famous Goldfinger Brothers (BS), Claasilisque Sound (BS), Maj’or Crew (F), Soul Rebel (CH), DJ Uncle Ed (BS)

Mind The Gap! Damu The Fudgemunk Live (US), Khaderbai Live (ZH), Johny Holiday (BS), Reezm (ZH), Francois Boulanger (BS)

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