X – A Visual Club Experience

Kele Okereke (Bloc Party, UK) / Airhead (UK)

A visual club experience mit dem DJ, Produzenten und Frontman von Bloc Party Kele Okereke sowie Airhead, den man von Kollaborationen mit James Blake kennt. Die Visuals kommen vom Kollektiv Aaawesome Colors aus Basel.
Kele Okereke is a DJ/Producer and lead singer of award-winning band Bloc Party, one of the UKs finest bands of recent years. At the end of 2013 Kele embarked on a new phase of his career, taking all his influences and experiences to shake up peoples expectations of him as a songwriter, performer and producer. Releasing on pivotal UK dance label Crosstown Rebels and Berlin’s Studio !K7 – home to DJ Kicks and Tapes mix series- and DJ appearances across the world, there is a clearly more to be seen from this highly talented individual. Kele’s keen to stress that embracing dance music after years of playing in a bands was an organic growth as a performer, which he views as ‘an art form.
After playing with James Blake for years, electronic producer Rob McAndrews, aka Airhead, is peeking out of the shadows with his sensuous debut album „For Years“ on R&S. Rob McAndrews is an international touring musician, playing to vast audiences across the world as guitarist for his childhood friend and like-minded sound warper James Blake, writing and jamming in the studio with James and Brian Eno, and DJing himself as Airhead. With his own release, Rob’s sound ranges from abstract downtempo electronic music who draws from dubstep and post-rock with intensely introspective atmospheres to Bossanova swaying melodies combining gentle female vocals with delicately picked-out guitar melodies, playful sub-bass house rhythms and infectious grooves.
Aaawesome Colors is a Visual Jockey crew realizing visualizations for electronic or classical music, parties, theaters and interactive installations. Various VJs are developing unconventional collages of image, video, light and music. Aaawesome Colors exhausts deliberately technical and formal borders, reacting on the power of the sound, the venue and the audience.