CROSSROADS «Conversations»

CROSSROADS – International perspectives on culture, art and society

Conversation 1 «Residencies and international co-production: the role of location change in artistic creation»
Thu 8.2. / Beginning: 5 pm
Artists today operate within a context of ever growing internationalisation and globalisation, and hence need to connect internationally. The CROSSROADS programme presents different examples of international collaboration. What do they mean for the artists involved? Were they sometimes ‘forced’ to participate to secure funding from a sponsor who insisted on a specific type of collaboration?
Residencies provide a deeper understanding of ‘other’ contexts. What role do they play in an artist’s career? Are residencies essential for meaningful international collaboration? Under what conditions are they beneficial?

Conversation 2 «Navigating between mandate and local realities – Pro Helvetia liaison offices and European cultural agencies abroad»
Fri 9.2. / Beginning: 5 pm
Even where the overall (national) mandate is clear, the process of implementing it is strongly influenced by specific local conditions and circumstances. Cultural, social and religious sensibilities, potential conflicts, stakeholder groups, local history and the current political climate must all be taken into consideration. In this light, this panel looks at the Pro Helvtia liaison offices, their impact, the opportunities they provide and the challenges they face.

Conversation 3 «Investing in the arts abroad: What’s in it for Switzerland?»
Sat 10.2. / Beginning: 5 pm
Today’s global political climate is a multi-layered affair. If populist tendencies are on the rise, then so are initiatives embracing diversity and interculturality. In what ways could a substantial international arts exchange programme, outside the big international art fairs, give a boost to the Swiss arts scene and contribute to a better understanding of both local and global dynamics in a changing world?