Jonas Lüscher (CH) «REPORTAGEN»

CROSSROADS – International perspectives on culture, art and society

Beginn: 19:30
Talk & Reading / German / Presentation: Claude Fankhauser / 50min
The 28th edition of REPORTAGEN appeared in April 2016 as a special Pro Helvetia issue featuring five reports written by five Swiss authors from the large emerging markets of Russia, India, China, South Africa, Brazil and Egypt. David Collin, Dmitrij Gawrisch, Jonas Lüscher, Urs Mannhart and Monique Schwitter travelled to these countries for two to three weeks. Jonas Lüscher, winner of the Swiss Book Prize 2017, talks about the story behind his report from Cairo. The event will be presented by Claude Fankhauser, co-founder and editor of REPORTAGEN.
Autorenbild Jonas Lüscher © Geri Born, Zürich