Kaserne Basel

Kaserne Basel is the largest centre in north-west Switzerland for the free contemporary theatre, dance and performance scene, and for innovative popular music. As an international concert and theatrical venue with roughly 270 events and 60,000 visitors each year, Kaserne Basel combines artistic avant-garde with modern pop cultures.
Kaserne Basel is a reliable partner of the local, national and international theatre and dance scene and organises various festivals in the performing arts. As a co-producer it supports the continual development of independent theatre and dance companies, promotes young talent and produces exceptional formats within urban spaces.
The musical acts presented at Kaserne Basel include internationally and nationally acclaimed artists, thus helping to make Kaserne Basel a vibrant and well-known venue also outside Switzerland. The programme, which focuses on live concerts, is characterised by an interesting blend of current, up-and-coming, innovative and well-established bands.

The Reithalle and the two Rossställe mean that Kaserne Basel boasts outstanding event venues that can be used for a number of purposes with space for up to 1700 guests. Together with the well frequented KaBar, Kaserne Basel has become a very popular place to meet within a highly interesting site.


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