Dokumentartage: Workshop with Olaf Breuning

Watch & Talk for young professionals, Workshop and photo project. Apply now!

The Biennale will be celebrating «It’s the real thing – Basel Documentary Platform» for the third time from 5-9 April.


This year, once again, «It’s the real thing» invites fifteen budding artists to Basel to watch and discuss performances together. They will be accompanied by the artist Olaf Breuning, one of the poetic punks of the art world. He is a photo and conceptual artist, who makes videos that are always also a performance and creates over-sized sand sculptures.


In addition to the Watch&Talk programme, he will be creating a brand new photographic work for the Documentary Platform with the help of the fifteen young artists.

Admission for workshop and theatre tickets: Free + per diems
Precondition: Fully attendance from 5-9 april

Limited capacity. Application (inlcuding a short motivational letter, CV and photo) untill 6th of march:

More informations: