Insight in the professional music business

What does it take to make a record? How can artists earn a living from their music? How does a club plan its music programme? How is a music festival organised? What exactly is the «Basel Music Scene» and how did it come about? What does a band from Basel need to make it nationally and internationally? How does the music business in Switzerland work? Who are the key partners of a band? All these questions and more will be addressed by music experts during this six-month course. And it goes without saying that there will be regular trips to concerts at various venues of the Basel concert and club scene.

Important informations:
Duration: 7 month (march - september 2018)
Number of events: 15
Costs: CHF 80.-
Age: 16+


Alain Schnetz (AMORPH / JKF)
J.J. Loew (Brass Department / imaginefestival / Radicalis )
Alexandra Florence Werner (Serafyn / Sessionmusikerin / Lehrerin)


Support: Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt, Kaserne Basel