Atari Teenage Riot (DE)

Support: ZAN LYONS (UK) / Afterparty: Daniele Cosmo (CH) & Bonnie (BS)

Doors: 21:00
Techno-Punk / Electro
Raw digital techno punk: Atari Teenage Riot has been combining hard techno with punk attitude, political messages and the implications of technology since the early 90s. ATR represents the hacker culture and takes technology to the extreme. On their 1997 album «Burn Berlin Burn», ATR founder Alec Empire already warned of right wing ideologies and patriotism; a subject that is more topical than ever in a Europe than has recently taken a sharp turn to the right. The Berlin-based project, which features an ever-changing line-up of guest musicians, currently consists of the mastermind and producer Alec Empire, the singing programmer Nic Endo and the Visual Artist Zan Lyons from London.