Czar Fest 2017

Bölzer, Zeal & Ardor, GurD, Sum Of R, Autisti (Louis Jucker & Emilie Zoé), The Universe By Ear, ColdCell, Palmer, Scratches, Wolf Counsel, Khaldera, When Icarus Falls

We are back. Due to the great reactions for the Czar Of Crickets Festival last April we're gonna do it again in 2017 - this time it's gonna be called simply Czar Fest. We are proud to announce our first act, the special guest Zeal and Ardor who will headline the Revelations Day on April 14th 2017. Zeal And Ardor is the highlight of the year and completes the Czar spirit perfectly. We are proud that this new and unique American Slave Blues Gospel Black Metal project from Basel will play its first show ever at the Czar Fest, which is gonna be the start of their Europe tour at the same time.

06:00 pm: Doors / Rock art exhibition open
07:30 pm: The Universe By Ear
08:20 pm: Khaldera
09:10 pm: Autisti (Louis Jucker & Emilie Zoé)
10:00 pm: Sum Of R
11:00 pm: Zeal & Ardor
00:20 am: Scratches
01:00 am: Afterparty w/ Dj Dannyramone

06:00 pm: Doors / Rock art exhibition open
08:00 pm: Wolf Counsel
08:50 pm: Palmer
09:40 pm: ColdCell
10:30 pm: When Icarus Falls
11:20 pm: BÖLZER
00:30 am: GurD
01:10 am: Afterparty

from 6 pm
Luca Piazzalonga & Marco Kleiner - Zeal & Ardor - Stage relics
The Universe Is Not Enough - Artwork
Clo Elte - Pictures - Live and still life photography
SAROS Collective - Skull carving & clothing line
Milena Kancheva - Dark Art Photography