Morgestraich Party: Acid Arab (DJ-Set, FR)

Support: Alma Negra (BS) / Sharm El Shake (BS)

Doors: 23:00
Techno / Acid House / Electronica
Morgestraich Party with Acid Arab and Alma Negra – two innovative DJ collectives at the same party. With their mélange of contemporary western club sounds and Arab influences, the Paris-based DJ duo captures the spirit and pulse of the age: Acid Arab started life in 2012 as a party label in Paris to increase the popularity of Arab sounds in western clubs. The two DJs Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho began to blend techno, acid house and disco with sounds and vocals from North Africa and the Middle East. Alma Negra complements the line-up perfectly: The Basel-based DJ and producer collective combines house with Caribbean beats, afro-funk and Columbian salsa to generate an innovative club sound.