FUX (D) «FUX gewinnt»

For two months FUX have taken their luck in their own hands and, together with the audience, they have solved crossword puzzles, scratched lottery tickets, participated in television quiz shows, infiltrated painting contests for kids, tossed cans and bet on horses. Now they take their winnings to the stage. They are only allowed to use what they won in games.

Will they wear clothes? Will they drive a Mercedes SLK? Has a member of the group taken his share and forsaken the theater business in order to live abroad? In the stage play «FUX WINS» the group from Gießen tallies the balance from their experience. In a self-experiment the three artists have researched the conditions of labor, relationships and life that come without any guarantee in times of late capitalism. They wonder what happens to personal experience and objects when they are put at stake within the framework of theatrical gambling.

There will be an audience discussion after the show on wed 12.10.

Konzept, Texte, Musik, Performance FUX (Stephan Dorn, Falk Rößler, Nele Stuhler) Technische Gestaltung und Bühne Jost von Harleßem Technische Mitarbeit Hanke Wilsmann Produktionsleitung Franziska Schmidt (stranger in company)

Eine Koproduktion der Münchner Kammerspiele mit dem Mousonturm Frankfurt, dem Theaterdiscounter Berlin und der Kaserne Basel. Gefördert durch: Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main, Kulturreferat der Stadt München, Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater Basel-Stadt/Basellandschaft, Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten Berlin, Fondation Nestle pour l’Art.