F. Wiesel (DE) «Superquadra»

Treibstoff Theatertage Basel

In the building complex Super-Quadra 67, Oskar C. begins implementing some architectural improvements. The building gradually mutates, while the residents start to give shape to their own interests. «Superquadra» transforms the chronicle of conversion on the stage into a science fiction film. In a mash-up with past visions, the performance tells a tale about the end of architecture.

Opening party after the show of august the 30th.
Concept, Texts, Realization Hanke Wilsmann, Jost von Harlessem
Puppeteer Caroline Kühner
Music Philip Albus
Set construction Ben Goossens
Stage Friederike Schmidt–Colinet
Sounddesign Rupert Jaud
Texts Dietmar Dath
Production Heidrun Schlegel
Koproduction Treibstoff 2017

With the support of Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg
Sponsored by Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt, Jürgen Ponto Stiftung