La Ribot (ES/CH) «Distinguished Hits 1991-2000»


Beginn: 20:00
Performance / 60min
Initiated in 1993 by La Ribot, the Distinguished Pieces project is a long- term work which will eventually lead to the creation of 100 pieces. Up to 7 minutes in duration, each of the «Distinguished Pieces» created thus far have been arranged into different groupings and presented as a series of performances. «Distinguished Hits» brings together a new reconfiguration of some early Pieces that were included in the series presented between 1993 -2000 along with the solo «Oh Socorro! Gloria!» (1991). Under this new title, the word ‘hits’ evokes the idea of emblematic pieces - which are just a small part of this on-going work. When La Ribot created «Soccoro! Gloria!» in 1991, it heralded the principals that she would go onto develop with the continually evolving «Distinguished Pieces». This burlesque striptease plays with the expectations of the spectator as the ‘distinguished’ method is applied: juxtaposing an unusual combination of clothes and accessories with music, the layers on her body highlight different physical states and poetical outbursts. Inventing a choreographic format that claims brevity, borderline humour and economy of means, the feminine figure is in constant metamorphosis, combining savagery and refinement with  delicacy and destructive irony. Disguised modes of use, exuberant fashion shows, precarious installations, ephemeral manifestos; all these ingredients are mixed, touched and diverted to form a carefully constructed bric-a-brac, which uses nudity as a weapon and scrutinizes the image of the body under all its seams. In 2003, the anthology version, Panoramix, brought together the first three series: 13 Piezas Distinguidas, 1993, Más Distinguidas 1997 and Still Distinguished 2000. Distinguished Hits (1991-2000) is a compact new reconfiguration: a laminate which allows us to both examine each piece as an autonomous haiku and replace them on the canvas of this vast performative patchwork.

Text & Direction La Ribot
Performer La Ribot
Lightdesign Eric Wurtz
Technical Direction Marie Prédour
Costume La Ribot
Production La Ribot – Genève
Production & Communication Sara Cenzual
Administration Gonzague Bochud
Agency Nicky Childs (Artsadmin, London)
La Ribot ist Associate Artist bei Artsadmin.
Agency Spain Paz Cecilia (Magale prod, Madrid)
Agency Visual Arts Angel Varela

With the support of CORODIS.