Louise Lecavalier / Fou Glorieux (CAN) «Battleground»

Dance / No language / 60min

Emblematic figure of the Canadian company La La La Human Steps for 18 years, artist of fire and passion, Louise Lecavalier incarnated an extreme form of dance that captured the imagination of a whole generation. Since 2006, with her own company, Fou Glorieux, she has carried out an equally intense exploration of the power and vulnerability of the body. In her first full-length choreography, «So Blue» (2012), she stalked the body, transgressing all limits to express its truth in a wildly ecstatic dance approaching trance.

Louise Lecavalier explores new territory in «Battleground», a fantastical solo-and-duet work freely inspired by Italo Calvino’s Non-existent Knight and his squire. The stage is a fight ring, a playground where a thousand battles, ephemeral or extreme, are waged. Avid for adventures and misadventures, the two antiheroes reveal glimpses of their ideals and disillusionments in a mad, unclassifiable dance.

There will be an audience discussion after the show on tuesday 16.5.

Introduction: Get perceptive!

With: Pascale Utz und Brigitte Züger

Meeting point: 18.30 Uhr in front of the fountain at Kaserne
Duration: 45 min

Free entry
Registration: n.grueninger@kaserne-basel.ch
Concept and choreography: Louise Lecavalier
Performed by: Louise Lecavalier, Robert Abubo
Assistant choreographer and Rehearsal director: France Bruyère
Lighting Design: Alain Lortie
Original music and Live music: Antoine Berthiaume
Additional Music: Steve Roach
Costume Design: Yso

Co-production : Fou Glorieux ; tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf ; HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts Dresden ; le CENTQUATRE, Paris ; Festival TransAmériques Montréal ; Usine C, Montréal ; National Arts Centre, Ottawa. Louise Lecavalier is an associate international artist of the CENTQUATRE-Paris.

Louise Lecavalier is supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Montreal Arts Council.