Marie-Caroline Hominal (CH) «Taxi Dancers»

Dance/Performance / no language / 75min

Sometime I think / I’ve found my hero / but it’s a queer romance / All that you need is a ticket / Come on, big boy, / ten cents a dance… These are the lyrics of a popular song from the 1930s. «Ten cents a dance»: The young people who were paid by their customers for a dance were called taxi dancers. For their clients, seeking physical contact or tenderness, it was all about playing with desire, escaping from everyday life, surrendering themselves to the music and lasciviously swaying their hips to forget about their solitude by engaging in their little fantasy.

Marie-Caroline Hominal goes back to the origins of this practice in early 20th-century America, when the first taxi dance halls opened. The Geneva-based dancer and choreographer invites two collaborators enter Dreamland with her, that is, the memory of one of the three partners. Together, they imagine this land, fantasize about it, summon and reinvent it. Between the dancers and us, something circulates: Animated by our gaze, their bodies brush against each other to the sound of popular serenades. They have become phantoms of the past wandering the present, and through them we recover the precious, buried memory of what connects us to an unknown body, a nostalgia consisting of maternal languor and eroticism, fragility and the need for abandon. The bodies of these dancers are in transit between the past and the present, between our deepest intimacy and the body that is never unknown to the other, between the shivers of the forbidden and the discreet elegance of seduction that dare not speak its name.

There will be an audience discussion after the show on thu 23.3.

Introduction: Get perceptive!

With: Pascale Utz und Brigitte Züger

Meeting point: 18.30 Uhr in front of the fountain at Kaserne
Duration: 45 min

Free entry
Conception, mise en scène, chorégraphie et scénographie: Marie-Caroline Hominal /Compositions de musiques originales & orchestrations de musiques existantes: Clive Jenkins / Lumière: Eric Wurtz / Scénographie: Marie-Caroline Hominal / Costumes: Séverine Besson / Assistanat et reprise de rôle: Sophie Ammann Construction décor: Victor Roy /Interprétation et création: Ivan Blagajcevic, Marie-Caroline Hominal, Teresa Vittucci /Production: MadMoiselleMCH association, Genève / Administration et diffusion: Tutu Production, Genève

Coproduction: / Théâtre de Vidy – ADC, Genève – Tanzhaus, Zurich
Accueil Studio, résidence de création: VIADANSE Centre chorégraphique national de Franche-Comté Belfort, Tanzhaus Zürich, adc Genève

Avec le soutien de: Ville de Genève – Loterie Romande - Pro Helvetia-Fondation suisse pour la culture – Migros Pour-cent culturel – Stadt Zürich Kultur -  Fonds de dotation Porosus – Fondation Leenaards - Fondation Ernst Göhner - Stanley Thomas Johnson - Fondation Suisse des Artistes Interprètes, Corodis

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