Ntando Cele (ZA) «Black Off»

CROSSROADS – International perspectives on culture, art and society

Beginn: 20:30
Performance / English / 100min
«Blackfacing» whether on stage or on TV is always a reason for negative headlines. It is generally an enforcement of stereotypes and prejudices that become visible through such phenomena. Ntando Cele has decided to turn the tables: In «Black Off», Bianca White, Ntando Cele’s white alter ego, takes to the stage wearing a blonde wig, blue lenses and is «whitefaced». By telling a string of non-PC jokes and quips, the performer puts the spotlight on the hidden racism that underlies our daily lives, takes an unflinching look at prejudices and confronts the audience with their own perceptions.
Idea, Conzept, Performance, Voice, Video Ntando Cele,
Music, Composition, Sidekick Simon Ho
Music, Sidekick Patrick Abt, Pit Hertig
Text, Co-Direction, Sound Raphael Urweider
Licht design Tonio Finkam
Technique Maria Liechti
Production Management Michael Röhrenbach