Poka-Yio (GR) «Eutopia»

CULTURESCAPES Griechenland 2017

Beginn: 20:00
Theatre / English / 55min
Can we reverse-engineer the European Union and find its defaults? Is there a future for it? What do the stars say about Europe? A focus group in the near future with four individuals and a moderator. Each one is briefed in the personas of Jean Monnet, Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterrand and his astrologer Elizabeth Teissier. They are interviewed on EU and what went wrong from its inception until today.
With Philippe Cabane, Eleni Kamma, Kostis Stafylakis, Helmut Kuhn and Poka-Yio
Written and directed by Poka-Yio
Dramaturgy Nefeli Myrodia
Production Marilena Batali
Dramaturgy consultant David Adler