Tabea Martin und Simona Bertozzi (BS/IT) «THIS IS MY LAST DANCE»

Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s essay “La Fin” and his one-act play “Endgame”, Tabea Martin has developed a duet that explores how we handle our own demise. How do our bodies cope with the final stages of life? How do we conquer fear and desperation?

Introduction "Get Physical!" on THU 1.2. 6:30 pm (see informations below).
Concept Tabea Martin
Dance, Choreography Tabea Martin / Simona Bertozzi
Assistent Tamara Gvozdenovic
Stage Veronika Mutalova
Lightdesign David Baumgartner
Costume Mirjam Egli
Music support Donath Weyeneth
Dramaturgy Irina Müller / Moos van den Broek
Oeil Exterieur Sebastian Nübling
Production Management Larissa Bizer