Xavier Bobés (ES) «Things Easily Forgotten»

Theaterfestival Basel

A notebook from 1942 found at a jumble sale serves Xavier Bobés as the starting point for a journey through Spanish history during the Franco years. He invites no more than five audience members at a time to accompany him, to glide back into memories and the olden days, to stand up against denial and most importantly not to forget. Like a magician, he makes things appear; like a medium at a séance, he summons up the spirits of history; like a croupier, he dishes out cards and events. Small bearers of memories illustrate daily life in Spain at that time: a key fob from the Olympic Games, a magazine with the newly crowned King on the front. Bobés allows his audience to step back in time through the memories of others while at the same time creating new ones; he manipulates both past and future, and he ex- plores things that are easily forgotten, both then and today.
Von und mit Xavier Bobés | Kostüm Antonio Rodríguez

Koproduktion: Festival TNT-Terrassa und Xavier Bobés | In Zusammenarbeit mit: L’Animal a l’Esquena